Friends, Friendship and Frenemies

Happy New Week, Friends! Friends - we all need them and they can bring so much joy to our lives!  It's not always easy, though, especially for some of our tween girls who are trying to navigate through so many things... growing up and fitting in, changes to their bodies, extracurricular activities, friendships and more.

A Go Be YOU® Mindset!

Go Be YOU!® When we say that, we truly mean it! Go Be YOU® isn't just our tagline; it's a way of life around here at Gomee Girl Central!  Being you is the BEST way to be!  Don't worry about what others think of you... do your own thing and be true to yourself! Life

CALZICO – A Globally Inspired Apparel Line For Tweens

Gomee Girl is excited to introduce you to Shannon Tennyson, the owner and creative genius behind CALZICO, a new, globally inspired apparel line created exclusively for tweens. Designs with unique convertible, reversible and layering features are cut from remarkably soft, high-quality fabrics, and sewn responsibly in North Carolina. CALZICO's first collection features six versatile pieces that

Lovin’ Yourself, Lovin’ Your Body!

Hi Friends - you awesomely supportive friends, you!!! ♥ I am announcing something very exciting today (and sharing something very personal)!!! Gomee Girl has been selected as an Official Ambassador for the internationally recognized Body Image Movement! The Body Image Movement is an initiative which was started by a woman by the name of Taryn Brumfitt

Be Happy! The Secret Behind the Smile! :)

Hi Gomee Girls!  ♥ Being YOU is the best way to be and you should never be afraid to express the real you!  Easier said than done, especially if you are trying to juggle a million things such as school, friends, activities and just trying to grow up!  It’s a lot, I know and I

National Eating Disorder Awareness Week

Hello Friends! This is such an important week! This week marks the start of National Eating Disorder Week. This is a week dedicated to ending the stigma, silence and shame associated with eating disorders. This is such an important topic here at Gomee Girl. ♥ Society's complete *obsession* with perfection is something that our girls can't

The Power of being YOU!

Hi Gomee Girls! We just LOVE saying 'Go Be YOU™' at Gomee Girl Central!  It's not just something we say, it's really a way of life around here! ‪Saying Go Be YOU is a way of reminding ourselves, every day, that we owe it to ourselves to be who we are and to be true

Dream On!

Hello Friends and Welcome! I’m so happy to share the very first Go Be YOU! ™ Gomee Girl blog post! Thank you so much for stopping by, it’s great to have you here! Dream on! I have always been a big dreamer! Gomee Girl is my dream and I'm excited to share it with you!