Great question! Gomee means just what the name says, “Go me!” Or, as we like to say around here, GO MEE!

A Gomee Girl believes in herself and in her dreams and she knows that she can express herself just the way she is! GO MEE is a Gomee Girl’s cheer! I’m amazing just the way I am! I can do anything! Yay for me!


Go ahead… you know you want to say it! 🙂

When we say that a lot of love and care goes into creating each and every Beemee, we really mean it! Gomee Girl is the first and original designer of Beemees™ – Wearable Expressions ™ For Girls!

We know how important being able to express yourself is to you, and it’s super important to us, too! Each Beemee is an original design, hand drawn by Gomee Girl Artist, the super talented Elisabeth Bell.

No detail is overlooked and we ensure that each Beemee is beautiful, colorful and like nothing else out there! We take a lot of pride in providing you with gorgeous, quality, truly unique designs that you can only get at Gomee Girl!

Please visit our Meet the Gomee Girl Artists page and learn more about what goes into creating each Beemee just for YOU!

Absolutely! All components meet the strictest guidelines set forth by the CPSIA 2008, including:
Beemees, crystals, rhinestones, sequins, nailheads, beads, stones and thread. Our thread contains zero lead and zero hazardous chemicals.

Our beautiful Beemees are sourced right here in the United States and our Artists are located clear across the country from each other; one is on the West Coast and the other is located near me in New England. 🙂


We do not hire professional models for any of our web/print/advertising. Gomee Girl is about authenticity and being real, so we feature real girls as models! Additionally, our photos are not retouched and our models don’t wear makeup! We think that letting you be your naturally beautiful self is a beautiful thing! 🙂

Absolutely! Being a Gomee Girl is very special and a Gomee Girl knows that she can be who she is, the way she is. Lots of girls love pink, but they love other colors, too! Just because you’re a girl doesn’t mean that you can’t love blue or orange or green or… any color!

Yes! We are always designing new Beemees and expressions just for you! We have some brand new, really beautiful designs which we will be introducing soon!

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Gomee Girl is a New England based company, nestled in the heart of beautiful New Hampshire. Here in the northern part of the country, the four seasons are spectacular and they fuel my creativity! Snow white winters, autumns filled with gold, crimson, orange and yellow decorate the landscape, summers on the crystal clear lake and, ahhh… beautiful spring, we always miss her after our long winters and we’re always so happy to see her return! We love to see the tulips, daffodils, birds and lots of mud in the spring! 🙂

We are excited to share our brand new product with you, coming soon! Get ready for something super beautiful and colorful which allows you to express yourself like never before! We are keeping it under wraps for now and we look forward to sharing it with you this soon, hopefully by early summer 2016! Here is a hint: it’s smaller than your phone!! Stay tuned, Gomee Girls! 🙂

Yes! Your beautiful Beemee is ready to use right out of the package. The easy to use peel and stick backing make Beemess easy to use for even the smallest hands.

Beemees are perfect for use on:

  • Shirts
  • Lunchboxes
  • Sports Bags
  • Jeans
  • Lockers
  • Sweatshirts
  • Jackets
  • Backpacks
  • Hats
  • Scarves
  • and more!

We do not recommend placing your Beemee on delicate clothing or on paper surfaces.

It’s easy! Your beautiful Beemee is ready to use right out of the package and it’s super easy to care for! Just peel ‘n stick and place your Beemee on just about anthing! No ironing needed unless you want to! If you are looking to permanently attach a Beemee to your clothing, we recommend placing a few stitches on it with a needle and thread just to ensure that the Beemee stays in place perfectly. Please see our Application and Care information below:

Peel ‘n Stick: Simply peel and stick, restick and reuse!
Attach to a variety of things: Please make sure to get help from an adult before proceeding!!
Applying constant pressure with the iron is the key to attaching your Beemee! 🙂

  1. Preheat iron to the cotton setting, being sure to turn off the steam function. For best results, please place the garment on a hard surface (ironing board).
  2. Place the Beemee on the item (don’t forget to peel off the protective backing!) and cover it with a thin cotton cloth. Due to the amount of love that goes into each Beemee design, we do not recommend placing the iron directly on the Beemee. Apply pressure for about 5 seconds, just long enough to hold the Beemee in place – holding the iron still.
  3. Turn the item over (or inside out) and heat from the back for about 20 – 25 seconds, with constant pressure, keeping the iron still.

Please be sure to check your fabric to be sure it can tolerate the required heat. If necessary, reduce heat and press the iron on the garment for a longer period of time.
Please allow the Beemee to cool completely before using. We do not recommend attaching Beemees to very delicate fabric (nylon, tri-acetate, etc.).
That’s it! Your beautiful Beemee is ready to go!
Recommended Care: Once attached, Beemees can be washed with the garment (inside out) and dried in the gentle cycle (inside out).

Yes! Beemees look great on jeans! Just be sure to apply lots of pressure with the iron when attaching and increase the ironing time to 45+ seconds.
* It might be necessary to increase the heat of the iron (linen setting) and increase the amount of pressure and the length of time the iron is on the pants.

We suggest putting a few stitches on the Beemee if you’d like it to stay on your jeans permanently.

We have good news for you! If you peel ‘n stick your Beemee and the stick wears away, you can use your iron in order to put the Beemee on your favorite shirt, a backpack, a scarf… there are so many possibilities! 🙂 Please make sure to get help from an adult first!

We suggest putting a few stitches on the Beemee if you’d like it to stay on your clothing permanently.

Yes! We are all about making it effortless for you! Once attached, turn the article of clothing inside out and your Beemee may be washed in the washing machine with your regular clothing. We do not recommend using bleach or a hot water wash.

Beemees may be dried in the dryer on low/medium heat.

We recommend putting a few stitches in your Beemee if you’d like it to stay permanently attached.

We know how excited you will be to receive your beautiful Beemee, so we ship your order within 24 hours of your purchase (on days when the US Post Office is open).

Yes! We are happy to ship your Beemee to you!
Please note that international customers are responsible for customs fees and any import tax which may be due.

The US Post Office First Class Mail typically takes 2 – 5 business days for delivery. We are based in NH so the closer you are to NH, to sooner your beautiful Beemee will arrive! International delivery times vary according to the postal service in a particular country.

Yup, we sure do! There is nothing more important to us than YOU! We don’t want you to be just a customer, we want you to be a Gomee Girl!