Elisabeth Bell

The Official Gomee Girl Artist

One day, as the warm sun was shining in its full glory high in the sky on an early spring afternoon, the birds sang songs in harmony as I typed away on my computer. Gomee Girl was just a vision in my head at that time and I knew in my heart what I needed to do.

I needed to find the perfect fit.

As I pondered the way in which I would pull all of my ideas together, the ideas which would soon grow to become Gomee Girl, I sat and thought about all of the girls who need to hear the Gomee Girl message. As I sat and continued to piece my ideas together in my head, I suddenly came across a web page filled with art and color and everything good.

I knew in an instant that I had found the perfect fit. I had found Elisabeth Bell.

And, so the story begins!

* Gomee Girl is honored to announce that Elisabeth Bell is The Official Artist for Gomee Girl! *

Elisabeth’s amazing talent and kind heart lend themselves beautifully to what Gomee Girl is all about. Her children’s illustrations are stunning and each one captures the essence and beauty of childhood… which has sometimes faded long ago, but is never far from the heart. We think that Elisabeth’s illustrations will capture your imagination and you will delight in the whimsy and sweetness which surrounds her art.

Elisabeth brings so much beauty, creativity and joy to the Gomee Girl Team! Each design offered by Gomee Girl starts out as a rough idea and Elisabeth, with her incredible talent and an eye for beauty, brings each design to life! Drawing each design by hand for Gomee Girl is nothing new for Elisabeth, as she has been creating hand drawn illustrations since she was a child! Oh, to be so talented! 🙂

Gomee Girl is thrilled to have Elisabeth as part of our Team and as our Official Artist! Every once in a purple moon, something comes your way, and it turns out to be an amazingly perfect fit.

We hope you will take a moment to visit Elisabeth and discover her art at www.elisabethbell.com So, go ahead! Drop Elisabeth a line, I just know she’d love to hear from you!

Jill Cofsky

The Official Voice of Gomee Girl

It is with great excitement that I share with you The Voice of Gomee Girl!!! 🙂

Please meet my friend, the wonderful, the amazing, the super talented, ever so kind Jill Cofsky! Jill is a constant voice of everything good and is super-supportive to everyone she comes in contact with.

* Gomee Girl is thrilled to have Jill as part of our Team and on board as The Voice of Gomee Girl!*

As the Voice of Gomee Girl, Jill will be working with me on different projects as I look to bring Gomee Girl to life! When you visit our Cheer page, it’s Jill’s sweet, energetic voice that you’ll hear! Go Mee!

Not only is Jill an amazingly talented ‪voice actor‬‬, but she is also a mom, a wife and a first grade teacher! Jill loves to share her joy of reading children’s literature with her students and it was just a few years ago when Jill began a second career as a professional voice actor. When she’s not teaching or working on a voice over project, Jill enjoys spending quality time with her family, playing volleyball, and she helps the visually impaired. Oh, and I know for a fact that she sings loudly along with the radio while the car windows are down!

Please stop by and say hello to the Voice of Gomee Girl – I just know that Jill would love to hear from you on her Facebook page

I’m super excited to have Jill on board! Sometimes, things not only work out, but they just feel right. Know what I mean? It’s when your goals and your heart align and it’s the best feeling in the world! 🙂