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When you purchase our products, you become more than just a customer.  You become part of our sisterhood that believes in kindness and lifting others up.  You become an important part of a brand that truly cares about you. 

Go Be YOU is more than just our slogan; it's a way of life around here and we love to encourage you to live your best life!


Being true to yourself is one of the keys to happiness so don't let anyone stop you from being who you truly are!  We believe in YOU!

Girl Power.jpg


We're so honored to have you here!

We're Donna and Lauren - a mom/daughter duo, besties and lovers the beach, Italian food and fashion!  Thanks for stopping by, it's great to meet you!

Gomee Girl started as a dream in my heart when I wanted to find a way to inspire girls to believe in themselves.  I was that girl; the one who struggled to fit in, the one who was shy, the one who lacked confidence.  I remember how that feels.

It's our passion to help you gain self-confidence through our inspirational designs because, once you believe in yourself, you become unstoppable. 

That's how we change the world. 

Go Be YOU!

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