Gomee Girl Started As a Dream in My Heart


Hi! I’m Donna and I’m the lucky Mom of 3 beautiful children and the Wife of one amazing man! I love all kinds of flowers and I love to grow them in the Gomee Girl Garden all summer long up here in New Hampshire. I have a serious love for Italian food and you’ll never catch me on a bad day because I don’t believe in them; all days are good if you just look around a little! My family makes my heart flutter with joy and zinnias make me happy. 🙂

I’m all grown up now (although I giggle like a kid most of the time) but I remember being a young girl and trying to grow up. It wasn’t always easy. Being the real me was sometimes disguised behind trying to fit in and being afraid. I remember what it felt like to try to be me and I know that there are so many girls out there who feel the exact same way.

But you know what? I learned that it’s okay to be ME… always! I think that the sooner we can get this message to our girls, the better! Expressing the real you is where it’s at! When we encourage our girls to express themselves and to be true to themselves, they become connected to that special part in their heart that knows them best. Helping our girls express themselves gives them the freedom to know and become who they are meant to be. This is ME and I love MEE! Go Mee! When our girls do this, they gain confidence and confident girls change the world!

My heart is so grateful for the chance to share Gomee Girl with you and with girls everywhere! Gomee Girl is more than just a product on a shelf; Gomee Girl has a beating heart and a soul and it’s all about embracing and loving who you are, the way you are! Gomee Girl exists to let every girl know that she can be her fabulously wonderful, silly, creative, beautiful, smart, talented truly amazing self… just the way she is! I truly believe in Gomee Girl’s message and I hope to share it with girls everywhere!

Every Girl is a Rainbow of Possibilities!

Providing girls with an alternative to most of the products that are on the market today was an important step in the Gomee Girl journey! I noticed that most of the products on the market which promote self-expression were either inappropriate and/or they just didn’t send the right message to girls. I found so many products telling girls that they need to be “perfect” or that they need to be a princess, dressed from head to toe in pink, in order to be valued. Gomee Girl is looking to change that in a fun, creative way! Unable to find much on the market, I decided to introduce a new line of girls (Gomee Girls) and characters, which empower girls and allow them to express themselves through messages of positive self-expression. 🙂 Gomee Girl is good old fashioned FUN! You won’t find any technology or gadgets here! I wanted to create and share something that allows girls to just… be! Go Be YOU!™

I hope you like my first bunch of designs as much as I do! This first set of designs is really just a starting point for Gomee Girl (we all have to start somewhere!). I’m looking to introduce new designs in the coming weeks and I’m really looking forward to sharing them with you! These new designs will give girls greater flexibility in expressing who they are and they will include such things as: non gender-specific designs, STEM, create your own and more! I want every girl to find the expression that reflects her passion, style and personality here at Gomee Girl and I want every girl to be able to express who she really is!

Go Be You!™

I think that girls, in particular (and women in general), are inundated with images and ideals that are just flat out unattainable. You see, I was that girl who always worried about how I looked and whether I fit in, and I remember how that feels. Gomee Girl is here to let girls know that they can rock their beauty just the way they are! I encourage girls to express themselves and to embrace what makes them unique with our beautiful designs and our messages of positive self-expression. I want girls to believe it when I say that they are amazing and they can love themselves just the way they are! I strongly believe that a girl’s TRUE beauty isn’t defined by her size, by her hair or by her skin. Every girl is beautiful from WITHIN, in the heart of who she really is. Now that, my friends, is TRUE beauty!

Jump on Board with MEE!

So, come join me! Moms, Aunts, Grandmas, Sisters and Friends – you are all welcome to jump on board with me as I continue to share the Gomee Girl message with girls everywhere! I’d love to have you and I’d love to hear from you; please drop me a line at donna@gomeegirl.com I’d love to hear and share your story on the Go Be YOU! ™ Blog (http://www.gomeegirl.com/blog/)about how you encourage your Gomee Girl to be herself! Sharing our stories lets our girls know that they aren’t alone and that we are all in this together! <3

So, come join me! YOU can be a Gomee Girl and my message rings loud and clear for you, too…

Don’t Be Just Anyone… Go Be YOU!™

Heartfelt Thanks,

More About Mee!

flower  I’m a Gomee Girl! 🙂

flower  I eat waaaay too much chocolate chip ice cream.

flower  I believe that girls can be their own superheroes!

flower  I adore my BFF husband and our 3 amazing kiddos!

flower  When I was young, I wanted to dance on Broadway.

flower  I believe in dreaming BIG!