The Gomee Girl signature piece!


We believe...


That every girl is a Rainbow of Positivity!  Live your life in full color because you are POSITIVEly amazing just the way you are!


That every dream is delivered on a rainbow and that's why you can never find the end!


That we are all colorful drops of color in the rainbow but when we come together, something magical happens.


May this piece always remind you of how amazing and capable you are!



Moonstone Gems Rainbow of Positivity Bracelet

  • Each bracelet is handmade and has a super soft stretch to allow for a perfect fit.  


    Made with two different types of gems, one shimmers and one shines for a beautiful look!  The colorful rainbow charm is just the perfect size.


    Our beautiful Rainbow Moonstone Gems choker is filled with every color of the rainbow!  Colors include:  aqua, yellow, purple, pink, blue, green and more!  


    This beautiful piece is always a favorite because it matches every outfit!


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Don't Be Just Anyone, Go Be YOU!®

2017 Gomee Girl