Strong, confident girls encourage one another and support each other!
It's never okay for a friend, or anyone, to be mean or to bully you.  Never.  
That's why our Blue Sky Moonstone Gems bracelet carries a message of anti-bullying.   Gomee Girl takes a stand against all forms of bullying and we know that you do, too!
Wear your blue Moonstone Gems knowing that you can make a difference and together, we can put an end to bullying for good!  
A portion of the proceeds from this design are donated to anti-bullying campaigns.
Shimmer Like the Stars, Shine Like YOU!™ in

Blue Sky - Anti Bully Blue

  • Hold your beautiful bracelet up to the light and watch it change color!  Your gorgeous handmade bracelet is made with 2 types of stones - one shimmers and one shines for a beautiful look!


    Our beautiful Blue Sky bracelet measures 7" and is one size fits all.  Super soft stretch for a perfect fit every time!


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Don't Be Just Anyone, Go Be YOU!®

2017 Gomee Girl