You, beautiful girl, are filled with possibilities!  Listen to your heart and follow your dreams!  You are capable of amazing things, don't let anyone stop you!


Our Rainbow of Possibilities Crossbody Bag/Purse is the perfect size for everyday use.  Sparkly sequins form a beautiful rainbow on the front while an iridescent back catches the light and reflects the colors of the rainbow!


Live your life in full color!

Rainbow Shimmer Cloud Crossbody Purse/Bag

  • Our beautiful purses measure approximately 10" x 6.5" and each comes with an adjustable strap so you can choose the perfect length.


    The detachable strap allows this beauty to be used as either a crossbody bag, a purse or a clutch.  So many beautiful options! 


    Colorful sequins are set against a holographic, iridescent background so the bag catches the light and reflects all the colors of the rainbow!  


    Zippered top closure, perfect for storing a phone, lip gloss and other items.


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2017 Gomee Girl