Glitter Tails are the new, fun way to express yourself! 


Part of our Bubble Beads™ Collection, Glitter Tails are Flippable Fin Fun™!  Flip the sequins on your Tail and watch it change color!  Your Tail is reversible so you can wear the sequin side out, or you can turn it over and wear the soft felt side out.  So many options!


Each Tail comes on one of our beautiful Bubble Beads™ necklaces in as many colors as there are in a rainbow!  Our Bubble Beads necklaces are adjustable so you can make the chain shorter - perfect for use with backpacks, dance bags, gym bags and more!


We love to bring you new, trendy, fun ways for you to express yourself and Glitter Tails are exclusive to Gomee Girl!  Each tail is made with love and is sure to delight!

Glitter Tail™ on Bubble Beads™

Glitter Tails™
  • Your beautiful Glitter Tail™ has been carefully made with flip sequins so each glittery tail flips from one color to another!  


    Each Glitter Tail is reversible so you can wear it with the sequin side out or, you can flip the Tail around to show the soft felt underside!  


    Your sparkly Glitter Tail measure about 3" long and comes on an adjustable necklace chain which is about 13" long.


    FUN TIP!

    If you wrap the necklace chain around a backpack loop, you can use your Glitter Tail on your backpack for back to school!  


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