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2017 Gomee Girl

May the red always remind you to love yourself first.


May the orange remind you to stay positive and to never take yourself too seriously.


May the yellow remind you that the sun will shine tomorrow and it always carries with it the promise of a new day and a new beginning.


May the green remind you that you are connected to Mother Nature and that we share this Earth together.


May the blue remind you that we are all single drops in the ocean but, when we come together, amazing things happen.


May the purple remind you that you are worthy.


This beautiful rainbow-filled purse is perfect for everyday use!  Carry your rainbow and catch your dreams!


Rainbow Heart Crossbody Purse/Bag

  • This beautiful purse measure approximately 9" x 7" and each comes with an adjustable strap so you can choose the perfect length.


    The rainbow colored non-detachable strap allows this beauty to be used as either a crossbody bag or as a purse.  So many beautiful options! 


    The underside of the bag is flat (the bag will 'stand' up) and the bag catches the light beautifully.


    Zippered top closure and a small inside pocket make this pretty bag perfect for storing a phone, lip gloss and other items.