*My Superhero is MEE!*


Be your OWN Superhero with Super MEE! 


Gomee Girls don’t wait around for someone to rescue them – they know that they can be their own Superhero like Super MEE!


Super MEE is one of our most popular designs!  She soars through the air in her purple boots while her braid catches the wind!  She has detailed stitching and a beautiful, shiny organza cape!  Pretty crystals decorate her belt and her orange bodysuit is super bright!


Fly along with Super MEE and be your OWN Superhero!  :)


Super Mee™

  • Patch LOVE!!  


    Our peel ‘n stick patches are super easy to use… use them to decorate your backpack or your favorite pair of jeans… the possibilities are endless!


    Our designs can be used to create and design so many things! From jeans to lunchboxes to hats and bedrooms... our designs are easy to use and they can turn anything from boring to custom in seconds! 


    Each design can either be ironed on/sewn on or you can simply peel 'n stick, use and reuse! It's that easy! Once the design is attached permanently to an article of clothing, it can be washed and dried at home. We make it easy for you! :)  


    Use:  Easy to use for even the smallest of hands!  Peel 'n stick and reuse OR iron on or sew on.  


    Place your patch on your favorite shirt, jeans, backpack, lunchbox, scarf... the possibilities are endless!  


    SuperMEE measures approximately 5″ x 2″.


We love seeing your pics!

Don't Be Just Anyone, Go Be YOU!®

2017 Gomee Girl