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Beemee designs are the fun and fashionable way to express yourself! When you express yourself, you share something that nobody else can share – you share the gift of YOU! ☺

A lot of love and care goes into creating each Beemee just for you! We know how important being able to express yourself is to you, and it’s super important to us, too! Each Beemee is an original, hand drawn design which lets you Express Yourself with our positive messages! Our colorful, beautiful Beemees are like nothing else out there!

Gomee Girl is the first, original designer of Beemees™ Wearable Expressions ™ For Girls!

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Beemees are super easy to use for even the smallest of hands!  🙂

Peel ‘n stick

Use and reuse

No ironing required

Our Beemees are so much fun, you can even have an adult help you iron one on to your favorite pair of  jeans or a shirt if you’d like (but you don’t have to use an iron because Beemees are self-sticking!)!  Our beautiful and expressive Beemees can even be washed and dried at home!  Our FAQ page can show you all of the possibilities!

We make it easy for you!  🙂

Our Beemee designs let girls show their individuality and what makes them so special!

Our Beemee designs are not only beautiful and stylish,

but each one tells a story and is unique just like the girl who wears it!

Beemees are perfect for:

Topping a birthday gift

Party favors

Surprise her by creating a customized shirt with her favorite Beemee designs!

Stocking stuffers

Easter baskets

Place a Beemee in a greeting card as a small gift – Beemees easily fit into cards – so send a surprise in the mail!)

Stick one in her lunchbox