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Always Beautifully You

Gorgeous accessories that help you express yourself.

Because that's what life is all about.

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Go Be YOU®

Go Be Happy

Go Be Daring

Go Be Confident

Go Be Genuine

Go Be A Dreamer

Go Be Independent

Go Be Strong

Go Be Silly

Go Be YOU!

Girl Power

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Always believe...​


* In the power of being yourself -

Go Mee!

* That you have the ability to create positive change in our world!

* That you are beautiful and capable just the way you are!

* In your dreams!

Go Be YOU!®

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Wearable Expressions™

For Girls

Being YOU is the best way to be!

That's why everything we create comes with a message of self-empowerment...

Because you are strong

Because you are beautiful

Because you are confident

 Because you are absolutely, positively amazing as YOU and that's all you need to be!


My Story

Heart * Truth * Inspiration


"Shimmer like the stars, Shine like YOU! "


I'm just a free-spirited girl at heart, lovin' life and livin' the dream!

The sun on my shoulders is my happy place and friendliness is my vibe!  I love dogs, the ocean, sushi and people who smile... a lot! 

This great big world of ours is where I get all the inspiration for my Gomee Girl Collections which I design with my mom.  There's just so much beauty surrounding me, it's not hard to get inspired!  Each beautiful design is handmade with a zillion pieces of love and each piece shimmers and shines like the sun on the ocean.  Every strand comes with a message of self-empowerment because life is waaaaay too short to be anything but yourself!  When you share the real you with the world, you share something that no one else can share... you share the gift of YOU!  And that's pretty amazing.  


You might be but one star in the universe, but your beauty shines brighter than the horizon and wider than the sky!  I hope you'll love Gomee Girl as much as I do!  Wear it and love in it - there's a whole world of crazy good out there waiting for you!


So, with the sun on your shoulders and a dream in your heart, go soak in every ray of sunshine and Go Be YOU!®  

Sunshine kisses,

Lauren xo


Shimmer and Shine!

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Chill, peace, love

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A Rainbow of Possibilities!

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Lead a Charmed Life!
Lead a Charmed Life!

Moonstone Shimmer Charms

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Moonstone Shimmer Charms

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