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  • How do I become a model for your brand?
    We're glad you asked! Our amazing model team has a lot of fun sharing our brand's message! We conduct our annual international model search in the fall and we also hold smaller model searches throughout the year. Please follow Gomee Girl on Instagram, Tik Tok and Facebook in order to stay up to date with regard to our model searches and more! See you there!
  • Can I be featured on your social media pages?
    We work with some amazing models which are routinely featured on our social media pages. At this time, we only feature our models. Please see the info regarding our model searches if you are interested in representing our brand.
  • Can I request something custom?
    Absolutely! We'd love to work with you in order to create something custom and special just for you! Please use our Contact Us page and drop us a line! We'll get right back to you and we can begin the creative process together!
  • What does Gomee mean?
    Glad you asked! Gomee, or Go Me, is something I used to tell myself in order to help build my confidence when I was younger. When I was thinking of a unique and memorable name for my business, I knew in an instant what it would be called!
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