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You will shimmer and shine in your Kindness Wins bracelet!


We're on a misison to inspire others to share a little kindness because we know that kind, confident people change the world!  We'd love to have you join us as we sprinkle kindness everywhere we go!  :)


Your beautiful bracelet is handmade using 2 types of gems; one shimmers and the other shines!  Watch your beautiful bracelet dance in the light and change color!

Kindness Wins Shimmer Bracelet

  • *Handmade using our signature shimmer beads

    * Laser engraved charm; 15mm x 19mm

    * Laser engraving cuts deep into the charm and it brings out the beautiful dark tones of the metal

    * Stainless steel charm will not tarnish, fade or discolor

    * Made with stretch cord for a comfortable fit

    * Customize your size for the perfect fit


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